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  • Adam Jones

May 4th 2020 report

Trout below the dam- With the rains we've had recenty, the dam is releasing a steady constant flow which makes for incredible fishing. We're catching several trout over twenty inches each trip we take right now. Live bait is a must but theyre definitely eating when you get a bait in front of them. Skipjack are plentiful and make for great fun between trout bites. Hatchery Creek with nymphs is always a great option too. Numbers are plentiful, but the stream gets crowded at times.

Bass- CHEWING! The bright sun tends to hurt the bite, but with fish in all stages of the spawn you can catch them doing anything you'd like. Finesse baits in the pockets and swimbaits on secondary points are great choices. If youre keen on Largemouth, the flatter pockets with standing timber are great choices too with spinnerbaits or a MagDraft.

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