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  • Adam Jones

May 17, 2021 Fishing Report


clarity- very light stain

level- near or right above summer pool

This past weekend was the time of year we all dream about. Fish are almost all off of beds and theyre really in a feeding mode. Friday, I had the pleasure of having some guys from Indiana out and we found a few schools that made Cumberland show it is in line with any smallmouth fishery in the country right now. We doubled 6 times, and lost count of how many we actually boated at around 30. The numbers of 2-4 lb smallmouth are almost hard to believe. Sunday was a day of quality, my group from Northern Ky had more keeper smallmouth than Ive seen boated in years.

Topwater is a big factor right now. Poppers, small walking baits (DO NOT GO TOO BIG) , and the smallest whopper plopper are all putting good fish in the boat currently. If you want a big smallmouth, get on the water before daylight and throw surface baits on main lake points until the sun comes up.

Once the sun comes up, finesse baits and small jigs worked out to 15-20 feet start to shine. Plus if its windy a spinnerbait or swimbait on points is hard to beat also. Its an exciting time to be fishing the lake. You really can catch a fish doing about anything you want.

Location is the biggest factor right now, we'll go 30 minutes without a bite and then hit a stretch where everyone in the boat hooks up. Theyre really starting to school up after the spawn and it makes for some intense action. With the warm weather and lack of rain on the horizon, its going to push all these fish out deep quickly. I hate to crowd the lake, but now is when the best fishing of the year is happening.

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