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  • Adam Jones

Lake Cumberland Report 6-22-2020

The guide service season is in full swing. We've taken lots of families out lately and smashed em! The waters hot and the pleasure boats are running a muck, but the fish are still biting as good as ever. Getting out at daylight is your biggest factor right now, as 80% of our daily bag is coming in the first two hours of the morning. Super Spook Jr, Reaction Innovations Vixen, Zellpops, small buzzbaits and old school PopR's are the deal when fish are biting on top before the sun gets out. We're covering tons of water but focusing on main lake points, as you'll almost always catch a fish off a point with deep water access. If there are schools of bait close, really press the issue on a point because there's almost always multiples when theyr'e active and chasing. Wind is a big factor right now. It really intensifies anything we're doing. With the water down, we're running areas with any remaining brush when the sun comes out. Shakey heads, drop shots, small jigs and ned rigs worked out as deep as you can feel are all great right now. 3/4 oz jigs have put some largemouth in the boat as well. When the wind gets up and if there's a little cloud cover, a megabass 110 has been putting good numbers in the boat as well. If you want to get out and catch a ton of fish, or have a crack at your personal best, nows a great time. We almost always have a really big bite or two in a day and are catching an occasional striper or walleye. Give us a call 606-233-5479 and we'll take you and your family out for a great time!

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