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  • Adam Jones

lake cumberland report 5/26/21

temp- 76 give or take a few degrees

clarity-clear to very light stain around run ins

water level- continuing to fall

The rising temps and lowering levels are pulling the fish out of the super shallow stuff we were catching them in a few weeks ago. Secondary points and main lake points are where we're having success. Numbers and quality are starting to drop a little but the actions still what we would consider good. 15 -20 fish days are average depending on traffic and wind. Wind seems to be a big factor lately. When the winds blowing hard, spinnerbaits, swimbaits and jerkbaits can fool a few. If no wind, then its topwater early and dragging tubes, dropshots, and finesse jigs the rest of the day. Almost all of our fish are post spawn.

Had a kids trip last weekend, and it was one of my favorites of the year. Liam and Sully here had never fished before. We had a quick tutorial on casting a spinning rod, which they picked up super quickly. Within two hours, we had broken into the double digits, and by noon they were tired of reeling in fish and wanted to swim. I dont know if I've ever laughed so many times with young kids before. Super fast learners and just out there to have a good time. It was such a wonderful change of pace. On another note, my wife here, broke the smallmouth boat record for the year thus far last weekend and with a post spawn fish no less.

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