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  • Adam Jones

Lake Cumberland report 4/19/21

The lake is fishing great. The waters right at 60 degrees and clearing quickly from the floods. Visibility is perfect. The water level is dropping as the Coors prepare for more rains but its not keeping the fish from getting on the bank right now. A lot of fish are being caught less than 6 feet. Flipping bushes w plastics, trick worms, and jigs are catching largemouth. Smallmouth are being caught in the back halves of deep pockets as they prepare for spawning. If I could only pick one piece of structure to fish, secondary points would unequivocally be it. Theyre probably in all three phases of the spawn as of now. Swimbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and even topwater are putting a few in the boat. If they get in a funky mood because of a front or cold wind, a finesse jig has saved a few trips for us lately too. Numbers are good but quality is off the charts lately.

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