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  • Adam Jones

Lake Cumberland Report 2/1/22

Water Temp: 40-47 degrees mid to lower lake

Water Clarity: Variable, main lake very light stain

Level: Winter Pool

We switched boats back to a beloved Gambler Intimidator from the aluminum rig. We took Tuesday to get used to the boat, rig up graphs, and organize tackle. We did get to fish for an hour and a half and wanted to pass on some information to everyone. This time of year you dont get a ton of bites and fishing the wrong pattern can waste half the day quickly.

The creeks on the lower end of the lake are lightly stained and i think thats why theyre biting so well from all the reports. I havent had an opportunity to get out a lot just because of the weather but Tuesday I really hit on some patterns that have done well in the past.

The first is a jerkbait. I generally run two different jerkbaits. One is a megabass 110+1. These are great when the water is above 50. They have a darting, chaotic action that gets smallmouth going when the waters not frigid.

The real MVP of Tuesday was the smithrick rogue Elite 8. Its a rogue with a deeper, wider bill. It doesnt do that crazy darting action like a megabass does. If you notice a shad dying in the winter, its not a big chaotic event. Its just a gentle roll with a slight jerking motion occasionally. That elite 8 has such a subtle roll but also gets down to a little deeper depth that the fish tend to suspend around this time of year. With the cold water, its going to ride on my deck until april. Emerald Shiner, Ayu, Golden shiner, and blueback herring are the most realistic colors and lemon lime crush is great when theres a stain on the water.

Presentaiton wise, dont snap snap snap snap it like you would prespawn. This time of year imagine a minnow freezing to death. Pull a little, then a gentle half snap, then wait.... wait. Most of the fish are going to hit on the pause. 4-10 second wait depending on the temperature. The colder= longer wait. That being said, in an hour and a half we caught great numbers and a mixed bag.

Wind blown points midway back in the creeks were gold. Steeper sides made a big difference. I fished a few long flat points without a bite, but when i started running the steep stuff, had 8-10 bites in that short amount of time. In 46 degree water, 10 bites in an hour and a half is huge deal.

We also caught two dragging football jigs on those steep points. Its always going to be a pattern that puts a few in the boat. No matter the time of year really.

The pattern that would have won money was the jerkbait though. Im not sure what this ice storm is going to do to the fish or to the lake, but I'll get everyone some more information next tuesday. Backwaters in lexington had 4 or 5 of the Elite 8 rogues last time i was in there, theyre extremely hard to get right now, I usually have to go to ebay. Walleye guys up north love to troll them so they get bought up quickly. Im not sponsored by them, but also never fish tournaments anymore so Im not going to hold back any information. Starting next week, these reports will hopefully be in video format. I know a lot of people drive hours to get to the lake and being armed with some information beforehand can make the difference in how your trip goes.

I am however sponsored by keitech lures and they gave me a code to pass on to everyone for a huge discount. CODE: JONES

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