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  • Adam Jones

Lake Cumberland Report 12/29/21

Level: Normal for fall, but way below summer pool

Clarity: Clear

Temp:53-57 depending on the area youre fishing

Lake Cumberland is fishing great at the moment. Numbers are still at times lacking, but the lake is making up for it in size. It seems like the fish are holding steady in the same routine as last week and that is great for those who can find baitfish. There are no real patterns that smallmouth and spots are holding in consistently. They are wholeheartedly focused on shad right now. We've been spending the first 45 minutes to an hour of the day scanning the back half of major creeks for balls of minnows, then fancasting available cover or

structure near them. Jerkbaits, 3.8 and 4.3" keitech swimbaits, A-rigs, Nichols spoons, blade baits and when its windy, spinnerbaits are the ticket right now. Always keep a topwater handy on the deck also, the fish will come up breaking at any moment and if they're within striking distance you're almost guaranteed to catch one. They have murder on their mind and a spook jr is a willing victim. Other than that, striper have been finding their way into the mix lately so make sure your drags loose. If you're having trouble finding baitfish, a finesse bait on 45 degree banks with chunk rock can put a few in the boat, but its not going to win the bassmasters classic by any means. Good luck everyone. It looks like the weathers going to turn against us for a bit, but as long as it doesnt muddy everything up the lake should still produce.

As always, if you need quality swimbaits visit and use promo code JONES for a huge discount. I dont know why keitech is so good to us and our clients/followers but we'll take it.

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