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  • Adam Jones

Lake Cumberland Fishing Report 3/19/21

Temp: 49 degrees

Clarity: stained to very stained but clearing slowly

Wind: gusts to 20 on the main lake

Patterns: The majority of fish are in their typical late winter homes. Main lake points, secondary points and bluff ends all produced fish today. A-rigs with lots of blades and pearl keitechs are great early and I keep a spinnerbait on the deck to throw at the occasional stray bush in the water to pick off a bonus largemouth or spot throughout the day. As the sun came up, we switched to slow rolling single swimbaits and dragging finesse bait which kept the action steady. The key for today was searching for clean water. For the conditions today Johnny and Tyler here out of Michigan (they only listen to Kid Rock) did great. They had 17 fish and lost a few nice ones at the boat as well. I couldn't have asked for a better attitude from them coming in to a tough scenario but they knocked it out of the park. Their persistence paid off with a solid bag and great numbers for March. We even had an hour or so at the end of the day to cross the dam and catch their dinner!

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