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  • Adam Jones

Lake Cumberland 5/31/2021

Temp- 75 give or take depending on the section of the lake

Clarity- clear to very light stain

Level- still slightly falling

Memorial day weekend was an absolute disaster weather-wise. Rain, cold, fog, and wind out of the north happened both days. If you were on the water though, hopefully you got to experience what my clients from Michigan and I went through Friday and Saturday. Along with making some friends, laughing a bunch and learning what a splake was, we also caught a boatload of fish. We'd fish long stretches of banks without a bite and pull up on a windy point and double up. Then fish for ten more minutes and find a little cut with a big school on it. Over two days of fishing, we had an estimated 60 fish. It seems like the fish arent everywhere but when you catch one, you catch several. The little delay in pushing them deep from the cold front has stacked them up in predictable spots. Look for points on the way out of spawning coves. Main lake points are holding lots of fish too. Wind is a big factor. If the winds blowing, you can catch fish on spinnerbaits, and swimbaits. If its slick calm, you'll have to resort to dragging finesse baits. Small shakey heads have been the key to putting numbers and some size occasionally in the boat.

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