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  • Adam Jones

Hot Weather, Hot Fishing

It has been a crazy week and weekend. Still catching tons of smallmouth on topwater early, but once we start going subsurface and deep, its mixed bag central! Doubling up on stripers with swimbaits, walleye on crankbaits, and mega-smallmouth and largemouth dropshotting has been the norm. The fish are starting to feel the effects of the heat though. The numbers are dwindling a bit, but the size has been holding steady. Clients have been getting one or two cracks at a 4lb class smallmouth almost every trip. The bottom of the lake seems to have dropped out recently and the fish are following. Where we were catching fish out of brush and standing trees, all of that is way up on the bank now. The ends of deep points, bluff ends and creek channel swings have been holding fish. As has been the case- topwater early, then drag the ends of deep points for a few afternoon bites once the sun comes out. Water temp has climbed to near 80, but the clarity is wonderful throughout most of the lake. Boat traffic is becoming a serious issue after the suns out, but besides shooting at them and cursing loudly, its something we'll have to deal with.

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