• Adam Jones

Cumberland Report 8/11/21

The water on the lake is hot. Surface temps are running in the mid to upper 80's. The water is ultra clear and the lake at times is full of party boats. It has the fish pushed deep, Very deep. That being said, we have been finding schools of mixed bag fish that will bite. 28-35 feet off of any deeper steep structure has been working. The morning has some active fish on top, but as the sun comes out, be ready to get the finesse gear out and get it deep. Drop shots and jigging spoons have been key players. Spotted bass have given us the most action lately, with some decent smallmouth mixed in there. Summer fishing out deep as always gives us the treat of getting a big catfish, striper or walleye in the mix occasionally. Expect 10-15 fish days.

Also, Ive had a few people ask about fishing on the river below the dam and it has been fishing solidly too. When the dam release levels are good, the trout have been gorging themselves. The dam itself has been crowded, but further down towards helms landing has been amazing and many less people around. There are fish throughout this system. The state has done an amazing job of stocking the river and keeping the fish spread out. Dont limit yourself to right at the dam. Any kind of live bait or even dough baits, on the bottom have been great. I offer full days of trout on the river, half days on the river and then shore lunch, or a full day of catching trout, then a class on how cook and clean them. If you want numbers of fish, lets go catch some trout. The brookies and rainbows have been on fire. Plus we've had a real treat with super rare sturgeon and the occasional striper and walleye in the bag.

606-233-5479 text or call with any questions.

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