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  • Adam Jones

Cumberland Report 7/5/20

What a wild weekend!!! The lake was so full of boats you couldn't count them. Friday I had Carol and Harold out for Carols birthday. She said just wanted to catch some fish, and she didnt care what. We put her and Harold on two smallmouth over 20 inches and 26 more bass that day to be exact. The water is so clear right now that when you get a bite, the other fisherman better be ready because there will almost always be a follower. Spotted bass are ganged up in droves off points and smallmouth tend to run in packs as well right now. We're throwing topwater early and then bringing out the 6lb fluoro when it gets hot. Small jigs, shakey heads and tubes on super light line are great when the sun comes up. Its going to be a repeating message on this one until it cools down Im afraid, but theyre working. With the water so clear and hot, you have to really coax them. Conditions: Gin clear, 85 degrees, lakes a madhouse on saturdays....but we're still catching 'em. I can see it being tough on people who aren't used to fishing out deep, but there are fish to be caught. Fishing below the dam is very hit or miss right now with the generation schedule as it is. I'll be gone to Alaska for a week, then its back to fishing at the end of the month.

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