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Cumberland Report 12/22/21

Its been a great week on the lake. The numbers are dwindling with the temperature dropping, but the big ones are putting on the feed bag. Water color is perfect, temperature is 52-57 depending on the area of the lake you're fishing, and the lake level is pretty low but thats normal for this time of year. There are two things that make or break your day right now.

One is the weather. Cold fronts with bluebird skies are killers. Expect to drag finesse baits on light lines slow and methodically for just a few bites on these days. When its warm, cloudy, spitting rain and theres some wind, it can get wild quick. Focus on points and secondary points with jerkbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits and spinnerbaits when its optimal conditions. The 3.8' keitech and nichols spinnerbait have been lifesavers. Parallel banks and cover water.

The second and probably biggest factor to having a good day is the presence of baitfish in your area. Fish are gearing up for the big freeze by putting on some extra weight and theyre never far from their food source. Scan points and look for puffs of bait with arches around them then circle back and fan cast those areas. If theyre suspended, throw jerkbaits and keitech swimbaits. If theyre glued to the bottom, get something in their zone like a finesse bait, blade bait, or deeper crank. Theyre around that bait to feed and they dont hesitate. Birds are a natural fishfinder right now also. Theyre feeding on the same thing the fish are.

If you want a discount on swimbaits, is the go-to. Big discounts with the coupon code JONES. The fishing is dependent on the weather, so we can look at the forecast and plan a day if you have cabin fever and want to get out. If you want a trip when 40 fish days are possible, give me a call and we'll find a day this spring to lock in. I have just a few open days left when the season is perfect, so if you're in desperate need of a great day of fishing I'd call sooner rather than later. 606-233-5479

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