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Cumberland Lake Report 12/15/2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

For the winter, the lakes fishing surprisingly good. Bluebird days after a front can give them lockjaw, but on cloudy and windy days we've been putting some decent days together. The temp has been in the mid to low fifties depending on the section of lake you're fishing and the clarity even after the rain has been fishable. Clear to light stained I'd call it. As far as catching fish, the baitfish are the big indicator right now. Find the birds working and you'll be around fish. If theres no baitfish popping the surface, no birds diving or fish breaking, get out of your area and find a creek that has at least one of those. Fall bass dont care about spawning or comfort, their main concern is putting on the feed bag before winter. Swimbaits, spook jrs, spoons, dropshots, jerkbaits and crankbaits are all producing. The weather is the biggest factor on how you'll do more than anything. If youre throwing swimbaits, keitech has been the deal for us. If you want to order go to and use code JONES for a huge discount.

Clouds and wind seem to really turn them on. Twenty fish days wouldnt be out of the question with good conditions. Yesterday was bluebird skies and no wind and we still managed to hook a dozen or so with a few coming unbuttoned on the way to the boat. My clients were hilarious dudes and even if we hadn't caught a fish, I would have called it an amazing day. This year of fishing has made me so grateful for all the people Ive able to fish with. Lots of clients from this year i text on a daily basis. Fishing is a community of mostly genuinely nice people with a few assholes in the mix to keep the rest of us honest. Im genuinely thankful to have met each and every one of my clients this year. We have a few days open coming up if you have cabin fever and want to chase a few. Also, the fly fishing in hatchery creek is better than average now if you're interested in learning a how to fly fish or learn Euro-style nymphing.

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