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  • Adam Jones

Cumberland Lake Report 11/09/2020

Temp: 65-69F

Clarity: Clear to Very Clear

The bass are moody. The lake's temperamental. Everyone is complaining about the lack of numbers they're catching but there are fish to be caught. The daily number of 4+ lb fish Ive caught in the last two weeks is just as good as it was in the spring. The fish are just doing much different things than they were in April and May. The fall transition means the fish are putting on the feedbag. They have no interest in spawning or mating rituals. Theyre chasing baitfish and the baitfish are all offshore. Don't get discouraged thinking the fish are gone, they're just behind you. Scan the areas with your electronics, find the depth where the bait balls are located and get baits in that zone. Spoons, dropshots, swimbaits, damiki rigs, even just a heavy leadhead and grub all can put fish in the boat around the baitfish schools. The thing that people aren't grasping is that the fish don't have lockjaw, they're just not in the same areas we've been catching them for months. Breaking fish can give away the presence of small roaming schools too. This is a technique that isn't old faithful, some day you'll catch 4 and others you'll catch 24, and that's just the nature of pelagic-style offshore fish. You're just putting yourself into a position to intersect them as they're passing through. There are stripers interspersed with the smallmouth, gorging on small baitfish. Who doesnt like to catch a striper every now and again though? Plus the striper keep the smaller fish from wanting to school with the big smallmouth for fear of being eaten. If you're catching them other ways, congratulations! I can't figure out another style to catch big ones and would love to learn. Feel free to drop me a line with questions or to book a trip. I have several days open after deer season winds down. 606-233-5479

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