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  • Adam Jones

Cumberland Lake is on FFIIIRREEEEE (3/26/21)

water temp: 55-59

clarity: stained to unfishably muddy depending on the area of the lake

Water Level: Near Summer pool, but falling

,The temperature has been climbing all week and its really starting to show in the number of fish we're putting in the boat. Smallmouth are in prespawn mode and they're getting HUUUGGEEEE. The number of 3lb plus fish we're catching is insane right now. Stripers are running close to the bank also, which makes for a fun surprise battle occasionally, Friday was the day to be on the lake. It was beautiful out, the wind was out of the west and light, and every main creek point and secondary point had a fish on it. There are largemouth to be caught too, but smallmouth are in full swing. Clients today started with live bait, but the action was so fast, we caught fish on about any bait you wanted to throw. Jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, A-rigs, single swimbaits, finesse jigs, tubes, and crankbaits are all players right now. call us today if you want to take a trip, spots are filling up fast 606-233-5479

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