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Cumberland Area Update 9-14-22

We have been having an amazing time on the lake and creek. Fall breaks are starting and the guide service is back on for the end of the year. Building cabins has had us taking a brief sabbatical, but I've been overwhelmed with calls for learning fly fishing on hatchery creek and finding some fish out deep on the lake. Both have been a blast lately.

The lake's fishing somewhat tough with the drawndown in full force, but we continue to find some schools here and there in spite of it. Ledge fishing tactics have been working well on deep points on the lower end. The waters clear, and slowly cooling. There is a small window of schooling activity early, then generally those fish push down onto deeper structure. With more cooler nights, those fish will group up and chase baitfish later in the day and migrate to the backs of creeks. Keep a topwater on deck for that reason. Blowups can occur at any time this time of year.

For those who want to spend a relaxing day out in nature and catch some fish, I have been teaching 1-2 person fly fishing classes on hatchery creek near the dam. We have been catching some fish, laughing, taking some amazing pics and enjoying the short hikes to the creek. If you want a day with your significant other or are interested in fly fishing, this has been a real pleasant trip lately. Plus we've been catching some good numbers of trout. Feel free to text or call 606-233-5479 for any info.

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