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06/26/20202Lake Cumberland Fishing Report

With the transition into July, you'd think the fishing would be super slow. The conditions are not conducive to catching big sacks of fish. The water temperature is in the 80's, the clarity is similar to distilled water and the boat traffic is like Friday evening in Atlanta. When this weekend's client Patrick said he just wanted to catch "a Giant Bag of Smallmouth" I was fairly pessimistic. If you look at the lake on paper it looks pretty grim. The one positive thing that summertime conditions do to the fish, is to put them into predictable locations. When those fish load up on their summertime haunts, they do so in bunches. The one thing you can do for yourself is take a guide or someone who's familiar with the lake and knows where those fish bunch up because it can be the best fishing of the year for sheer numbers. We started off throwing topwater, and they absolutely crushed them. Ima Skimmers, Zellpop and spook jr's were the ticket. They are hitting topwater so aggressively, that it sounds like someone throwing bricks in the water when they erupt on your bait. After the sun gets overhead and feels like a sauna, dont get discouraged, we're still catching fish deep on finesse gear. Just put up the baitcaster and get the spinning stuff ready to go. Line up with small braid, a tiny fluoro leader and your favorite deep finesse techniques. The spotted bass will keep you busy until you come across a wad of tank smallmouth. Its a great time to be on the water and surprisingly good fishing even with the water coming down and being so hot. I recently had a cancellation for July 5th which wont last long, and I'll be gone for a while in July catching Halibut and grayling in Alaska which will limit how many trips I can have as well. Fishing is great, give us a call if you're tired of catching 2-3 fish a trip, want to have a shot at your PB, or just want a day on the water with you significant other...give us a call. We specialize in newbies and first timers. (606)233-5479

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