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  • Adam Jones

05/06/2021 Cumberland Report

Temp-64-68 depending on the depth and area of the lake

Clarity-light stain to pretty clear

Level- Down a few feet from a couple weeks ago

The lake is in top form. The water level is dropping and that normally hurts the bite, but it really hasnt lately. We're having several 20-30 fish days a week with the quality still being great. A few live bait trips here and there always load the boat, but theyre also absolutely murdering topwater right now with reckless abandon. Spook jrs and sammys worked super quick, zellpops worked fast enough to cramp your wrist , and the infamous rebel long A waked with a slight V behind it are the heavy hitters right now. Theyve been hitting topwater past noon on cloudy days. If they miss it, follow it up with a senko, swimbait or shakey head. Once the suns out fishing gets a little less chaotic. Dragging finesse baits, flipping bushes, and slow rolling swimbaits still put fish in the boat. Most of the fish we're catching are post spawn, beat up and bloody tailed but theyre puttin the feed bag on. Secondary points and main lake points are doing well as the fish are migrating out slowly, but still shallow fish to be caught. You just need to realize the first few hot days, mixed with the falling water are going to push them out of the dirt shallow stuff pretty fast this year. Clients this week were wonderful. I took a big florida fisherman out for his first smallmouth and had the pleasure of taking WKYT news anchor Sam Dick this week as well. Give us a call 606-233-5479 I have two dates left in may.

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