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Adam's first bass at 9 years old propelled into him a lifelong obsession with the sport that has transitioned into a laundry list of accolades, culminating with an FLW Federation State Championship followed by a National Championship berth. His experience with tournaments across the country, along with living on the ultra diverse Tennessee river chain for years, means he's experienced in any technique that you want to learn or is needed to have a great day on the water. Traveling to world famous fly fishing destinations such as the Little Red River in Arkansas, the mountain streams of Mount Rogers in Virginia, or the Soca Valley of Slovenia also means his knowledge base is varied and ready to get put you in front of some serious trout with the most cutting edge suspension and Euro-nymphing techniques.

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Bass Fishing lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland is quickly becoming a hotspot for giant smallmouth and respectable largemouth. We can tailor any trip to fit your needs. Come to us with techniques you want to learn and we can steepen your learning curve. If you have a tournament, thats great. We can start you on your way to a great practice. If you have cabin fever, don't get much time on the water, or don't know where to begin: thats even better....going out and having fun catching fish and laughing are our favorite trips. 

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Amazing Trout Fishing

Wolf Creek Dam below Lake Cumberland is home to one of the best trout fisheries in the east. The state record rainbow, brown and brook trout have all come from this stretch of river. The occasional bonus of a sturgeon, walleye and striper make it all the more fun. Fishing in the main river below the dam is usually a mix of drifting live bait and casting artificials. *RIVER TRIPS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED*​

As a bonus trip, we also have an amazing small creek to fly fish. Whether you've never fished with a fly rod before, or you're a seasoned veteran, we can get the net full of fish. We offere full day guided trips and streamside beginner's classes that are generally shorter and a mix of instruction and fishing. Its a great way to pass time with your significant other or child and learn a new skill while doing it. The state has blessed us with stocking this creek heavily during certain months which means even as a beginner you'll get a few bites to help hone your technique. 


Fun Fishing!

If you rarely or never fish and just want to get out on the water and chase whatever is biting, thats fine too. We can look for giant striped bass breaking under the gulls, drift live shiners for bass, or catch buckets of bluegill with bobbers and nightcrawlers. This is the casual fishermans adventure. Sightseeing mountain lakes at its finest. Lets see what beauty we can see, or teach those kids to bait their own hook! If your kids are 10yo or over feel free to drop them off at the dock with Adam and go on a hike or breakfast with your spouse.

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What to Expect

Lets make this trip as enjoyable as possible. A few days before our trip, Adam will give you a call about what to expect. Being physically comfortable is important so we'll do a rundown of proper clothing and accessories. A typical full day trip lasts from daylight to about 3pm, but we can add or subtract depending on many factors. We'll have some water and light snacks so bring something extra for the cooler if you have a different preference. Adam will carry sunscreen and bug spray. Polarized sunglasses are advised to help see fish and protect your eyes. All rods, reels and tackle are furnished but feel free to bring your own if you want to use it. 

Adam leaves from his house on Sweet Clover lane in Lexington, Ky. Feel free to ride with him to the lake, or meet anywhere along the way. 

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Full day on the lake for Bass

one or two people; 8 hrs- $350 total

Fly Fishing

Full day of fishing- $275 total for one or two people

Streamside Beginners Class (around an hour of instruction and an hour or two fishing) : $150 per person 

Discounts and specials are always happening.  Call us and see whats available. (606) 233-5479

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Other Services

We do experiences that arent as geared towards constant fishing as well. Half days of fishing, mixed with a primitive shore lunch, fishing trips with camping involved or a mixture of river and lake fishing. Let us know what you need and we can accommodate almost anything.

Also becoming extremely popular with high school fishing teams with limited practice time, is a zoom meeting mixed with a map of fish catching areas. 

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